I was born and raised in Medford along with my brother and sister.  I remember as a young child of 3 or 4, I was always doing something with my hands.  In 1959, my parents opened Moore’s Patio and Toys, and at this time, the bicycle shop also started. This was a very exciting time for me, as I watched my dad build the store, then later put toys and bikes together.

​When was 6, I learned to assemble tricycles and small toys. At this time, I started putting model cars together, Ai entered a model car contest and won 2nd place in kids class.

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Later as I grew until about 12 I worked in the toy store, at 13 I then started working in the bike shop doing small repairs and learning about lawn mower tune ups.  

At this time, I was in my mid to late teens I was assembling bikes and doing bike repairing. During this time of my life I was introduced to road bicycle racing, I was 15 at the time and won my very first race and my dad was very happy for me. When I turned 18 my dad promoted me to shop manager and did all of the ordering for the bike shop including for the models and sports equipment in the toy store.

At this time, I was one of Oregon’s top junior cyclists. 

From the ages of 15 to 17, I was mowing lawns in my neighborhood and playing baseball from ages 12 to 17.  I also participated in golf, basketball, football.  I look back at all of different hand and eye coordination I learned that would help me in my life as a blind bike mechanic. Today I am able to apply myself 100 percent.

With the motivation from my wife Corina and the Oregon Commission for the Blind to reopen my bike shop, I reopened in February 2015.  The shop has been located at the same location since 1981 where Moore’s Bicycle Shop started. It has been a great year seeing and hearing both new and old customers, as they have been very supportive. As time goes, the shop will grow.